Top Tips for Downsizing Seniors

Downsizing can involve hard decisions when planning a simpler lifestyle change.  Here are a few tips for seniors downsizing to smaller homes or even condominiums.

1.  Write down your wants and needs.  This helps you visually see what you have in mind and keeps you organized.

2.  Get a plan together.  Try to figure out your next steps, then next and so on.  This will keep you from getting overwhelmed.

3.  Get a good realtor.  Trusting someone to can share your vision is the most important thing you can do.

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Plan, Prepare and Organize When Selling

Selling your home or commercial property is a important and maybe expensive task!  Here are some tips for getting organized and preparing for the big move.

1.  Make a schedule of your timeline and share this with your real estate agent.

2.  Make a list of what is important to you and what needs done before the sale.

3.  Check the real estate listings for comparable properties.  Your agent can also help with this.

Agriculture Scholarships with Lincoln Chamber

The Lincoln/Logan County Chamber of Commerce Agriculture Committee will award scholarships to high school seniorsor college students from Logan County who are studying or will be studying for a career in agriculture production or Ag related business.

The Ag Scholarship Committee limits two scholarship awards per  student to better expand our reach to as many worthy students as possible. The Ag Committee will award no more than eight scholarships each year.

Details can be found here

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